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Working the day away...

*Sigh* :)


B) The light from the window is now focused on echoing it's bright illuminating light on my face. The alarm clock is buzzing, and has been for the past 45 minutes. 15 Minutes and you have to be out the door. You run around finding clothes, but you remembered that you didn't put them in the dryer last night.


You put your clothes on and notice a stain on your shirt, you throw something else on, and remembered you stink. Off come the clothes and you are standing in the shower for 5 minutes. You step out on the COLD concrete floor and start to shiver. ;)


Your towel is across the room and you forgot to bring it in the bathroom, you walk across the floow dripping wet and slip on floor and bust your tail-bone. Shrugging it off you hurry to dry off and put back on the clothes. You race back to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You slip again in the puddle of water with you fresh clean socks, but you kept your balance this time. o_O


You start to brush your teeth and you get your hair combed. Finally you run outside to start your car, and you run back inside to grab your belongings. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_mad.gif[/img]


You are half-way to work when you realize... :(


...It's saturday. o_O


Welcome to Work.

haha, doh! B)

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