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thoughts for improving the site..

hi guys,


as most of you know I started this site some years ago to help others learn about linux, it has grown but very slowly,


i think it needs some changes to generate new interest,


I've asked people to write reviews but that was a non-starter, I ended up writing many reviews over the years, but really it needs someone elses opinion and not just mine, I've asked people to post news, but that doesn't seem to happen on a regular basis


I added a blog, no one cared, i updated the site to make it cool, no one cared.. I'm trying but maybe i'm trying the wrong way, so I need your help to guide me to the right way.


so, what can we do to improve things ? tell ME what to do to make this place better, or shall we just be content with 3 or so posts a week...


I would appreciate your thoughts






(To be honest, these aren't thought on "improvements" - more thoughts to encourage more visitors.)


Firstly, I think some custom skin to give it a fresher identity. At present the forums/blogs etc look like just another invision board.


Secondly, perhaps have some custom icons for specific forums - cogwheel for hardware issues, tape for software, brick wall on flames for security.. that kinda thing. Make navigation more memorable.


Thirdly, could do with consolidating some of the FAQs and guides into more blog-style articles (which will make them more searchable) rather than have them concealed amongst forum posts. When I first came here via a google link to some useful information but I wasn't aware of the number of articles and guides until I poked around the forums more: they're not THAT apparent, and you really DO have to hunt for them. I'd look at restructuring that useful info out into some different presentation format, separate from forum stuff - on forums with a smaller numbers of posts, announcements (and stickied posts) stand out. With the sheer amount of content here, they can get lost or be an overwhelming search to make them apparent.


I'm also getting some minor CSS and markup errors - characters aren't coming through. I don't know if that's the charset you're using to post, but FF is flagging up some unknown characters here and there, although it doesn't seem to be rendering in quirks mode.


your ideas are great, unfortunately i have no idea or time to implement those types of changes at least not now, any volunteers ?


the character errors will be fixed as soon as i update IPB to version 3.04 (soon)





I can sketch out things to do, then get you or Pete to make the appropriate changes.


I started on consolidating many FAQs; if there's some way to move these to a FAQ plugin or guide then I can edit/publish them there.

would simple html do it or do you want something else, any sample of what you are trying to do ?

I can write simple HTML for uploading into a different area, along with an index... but thought that there may be some IPB plugin that can manage indexed FAQs - like you've got a blog and announcement plugin - so we can keep the same skin and site-wide consistency.


Something like this: - I may download it and try it on my testbed first to see if it's suitable.

I’m willing to chip in and help with anything I can to help the site. I can’t guarantee I can do everything (my artistic skills do have a relatively low ceiling in terms of limitation!) but feel free to suggest anything you’d like me to consider specifically.
guys i'm giving you free reign so please give it a go :)and thanks :)

First of all, I am a linux noob and my opinion is that you should not change a thing except for consolidating the FAQs. Everything else, keep the same.


Ever since I joined, I have always found everybody here EXTREMELY helpful, moreso than anywhere else.

Can you integrate status updates with twitter??

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