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Time for a new beginning ?

Well, it's true, I've neglected this site for years, for various reasons including work, my Microsoft MVP commitments, and of course the sister site


You could say I've practically ignored and done as little as possible to help it survive other than the bare minimum which is to keep the domain name alive and make sure the data in the site itself was protected, but the time has come to re-resurrect the site, breath new life and start afresh.


So, today I've updated the site license, and will with the help of the web server admin plan to upgrade the site to the latest and greatest version of Invision Power Board and once that is complete, start to re-energize this site and get people coming back.


Please help !


But before doing that, I need you to help me understand what exactly you want to read about on linux-noob, what should this site be about going forward ?


Do you want a complete re-birth or just move forward and start-over ?


I'd love to read your comments and look forward to the next stages !





Hey anyweb,

This is feedmebits here, new looks of the forums look nice!  I'm willing to help out when I can and when I have time.

Not sure yet what I would like to read, I  mostly like reading topics where people have a question, problem or need advice,

and like to learn stuff from others as well :)

I usually get my news sources from other sites, what are you ideas to starting over? btw I sent an email  to your hotmail acount

did you ever receive it, chances are it might have arrived in your spam folder.




But now that I'm thinking of it, I'm interesting hearing about container platforms and cloud platforms under Linux, and anything

that is has to do with Linux where the IT world is going to cloud and container based solutions and automation and configuration

management etc. And also Ubuntu/Debian, and CentOS/RHEL, and Linux security etc. And reading some about power shell under

Linux would be nice too, and  am interested in bash shell scripting and python scripting, does that help? ;)<span><span>:)</span></span>


i'm also interested in bash scripting as i've started working with Mac's, yes I know they are not linux but there are similarities i'm sure :)


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