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Fedora 11 on EeePC1000

My Fedora installation no longer detects automatic wireless networks. A little network icon appears in the notification area and usually a drop-down list indicates all of the available wireless access points. Now, none of that appears. The only thing that appears now is "Wired Network" greyed out in the drop-down menu. If I plug in an ethernet cable, it detects it automatically.


I am a little lost on how where to go from here.






Solved with Fn + F2 keys.


I am really enjoying it so far.



I've already addressed some of the existing issues on getting Fedora 11 to work on the Eee PC 1000.



The only other issue, I will add is getting the 'tap-to-click' enabled with your touchpad. Fedora 11 (Live version) does not seem to generate a xorg.conf, so what I did to enable this setting was to add a shell script under $HOME/.kde/Autostart/ with the following content:


synclient TapButton1=1 TapButton2=3 TapButton3=2



The value for each button represents the number of fingers touching the pad.


That will enable 'tap-to-click' every time you login.


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