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A guy and his wife go to the drs to talk about him not getting it up any more, the pills ain't the dr says well we now do an opp its completely new where we attach a baby elephants trunk and make that work as your penis, so the old boy reluctantly gets his old man sorted and he gets it done but they are told they have got to wait until its all better, well they were going to a family function some time later but still under orders!



In the mean time at the do his wife cant hold back and gets it out under the table.......and about that time they then come round with their meals but just as the guy starts to eat his dinner an elephants trunk pops up and grabs a potato.....shocked by that, all the family stop eating......


Then the guys mother-in-law says did I just see that ? the guy says yes, I just had an opp to make my penis work again and thats what they used to fix it, but, she then says can I see it again and the guy says I guess so but I don't know if I can take another potato up my arse!


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