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LFTP client issue

Been using lftp for a bit now, and like it as a client due to nice inbuilt features and shell-like behaviour.


However, with my recent server I've noticed some strange behaviour with this client, mainly with obtaining directory listings. I can ftp into another server and perform a "dir" or "ls", but when changing directory both commands still show the old listing. Peculiarly, I can use TAB to auto-complete in a "cd" command and it will see that a different directory exists, but then refuse to change to that directory since the name doesn't exist in the (old) dir listing.


I solved this once by turning off caching and flushing it to force a re-read of the directory, but once it had obtained a listing it then stubbornly refused to update remote server listings.


This happens on one box running F9 with lftp3.6.3 - two other boxes running F8+lftp3.5.14 and F4+lftp3.2.1 are fine.


Oddly it only seems to do it over ftp: and ftps: connection to remote servers - sftp: connections are fine, working as expected.


Any ideas?


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