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ow to use a USB stick to install SLES 10 - "No catalog found..."

I'm trying to install SLES 10 from a 4Gb USB Stick. I have followed the instructions from Novell to create the bootable USB. I also used information from an openSUSE forum post. Here is the procedure that I have followed to date, it's a hybrid of the above mentioned notes:


1. Mount the dvd iso image to drive I: using "Virtual CloneDrive"

2. Copy the entire ISO image I: to the USB stick J:

3. Move all files from J:/boot/i386/loader to J:/

4. Delete J:/isolinux.bin

5. Rename J:/isolinux.cfg to J:/syslinux.cfg

6. Run C:/syslinux/win32/syslinux -ma J:

7. From the J: root, I execute ls -A1 > directory.yast


I can now boot my server from this USB stick. When prompted for a boot option, I enter "linux" to start the install. When the install starts it asks "Make sure that CD number 1 is in your drive." I select "Back" and accept defaults until the source medium comes up. There I select "Hard Disk" and then choose "sdb1 : vfat", and leave the "source directory" blank. The installation then loads and runs just fine until I get to the Installation summary screen. Under the Software heading, YaST is reporting the following error:


No catalog found at 'hd:///?device=/dev/sdb1&filesystem=auto'.


As always, the geek gods will reign favor upon all who answer!





Sure it's /dev/sdb1 and not /dev/sda1?


Just wondering if booting off USB stick causes it to be /dev/sda.


My only other guess is that the VFAT modules aren't loaded, so can't access the filesystem on that pen.


Is there an install.log file written to the USB pen at all?


Not much help otherwise, sorry!

I'm not sure why, but these boxes seem to show the internal HDD as sda, and the usb ports as sdb... It actually took me quite a while to figure that out. Anyway, when the media selection screen comes up, and I select hard drive, it presents me with two options, sda which it says is ~80gb and sdb which is 8Gb, so I'm pretty certain that sdb is correct. I haven't been able to find any logs... YaST is running from the USB stick, so I'm pretty sure that the USB drive is working. I've just tried going into the advanced configuration options and asking for a shell before and after YaST runs. I'm able to find the sdb1 device, and it's mounted to /var/adm/mount.. but when I try to add that directory as a repository source I get "cannot create catalog errors".

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