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Postfix virtual user transport - help!

Strange issue here, but I'm sure it is possible under Postfix.


I've been running some mail servers successfully for some time, but now want to tighten up some controls.


At present, my home machine accepts mail for a few of my domains, filters out local recipient addresses (drops them into local mailboxes) and anything else then hits transport to get forwarded upstream to another mail server. That way, my mails stay local, mails for my mates get forwarded (transport) to our public mail server (and drops into their POP3 mailboxes) and mails with unmatched recipients are bounced by the upstream server.


Now I want to change things slightly. I want to have a whitelist of valid addresses (like local_recipients) on the home server, and if incoming mails don't match these then immediately reject them. Unfortunately, postfix only sees recipients in my virtual.db and not transport.db, so I get my mails but my mates' are rejected with "User unknown in local recipient table".


The only workaround I've managed is to flick "local_recipient_maps = " so that postfix won't bounce recipients unlisted in virtual.db.


So.. anyone shed any light here?


Gah, this is annoying.


Sodding thing works now. It matches recipients listed in both virtual and transport, which I was led to believe it would. No idea why.




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