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POP3 mail server installation



I am trying to install a pop3 server in debian 5. This will fetch the mails from the ISP to the local clients and should forward the mails from the local clients to ISP.


Earlier I have tried with Postfix combination with dovecat and fetchmail. And sometimes They worked too.


If you have any successful installation like this, pls let me know.


With advance thanks,



A POP3 server doesn't fetch mails, but allows them to be fetched.


I run Postfix mail server to deliver mails from my server, and receive them from the Internet.


Incoming mails hit Postfix, which then splits them out into separate mailboxes for my users.


When I am at home, I use COURIER as an IMAP server so I can access the mailboxes via Thunderbird - the mailboxes are still stored on my server. Courier is also configured as a POP3 server, so users are able to download them off my server to their local mail spool if needed.

I also use SQUIRRELMAIL to read the mails on my server if I am out in the field - some of my users elect to leave mails on the server, accessing them remotely as I do.


I also use FETCHMAIL to download mails from other POP3 mailboxes online, which then get passed to postfix, which arranges delivery into the right mailboxes.


I use PROCMAIL to apply filter rules to specific mailboxes, so I can junk mails matching a pattern, or further divide my mailboxes into different categories (circulars, jokes, reports, alerts, etc).


I also use postgrey on postfix to greylist incoming mail, which reduces spam greatly.


I previously used Dovecot in the place of Courier, except it broke during a yum-update, when I was in another country and couldn't access my mail. It did this twice, BOTH times when I was out of the country and needed it. Since then I ditched Dovecot and used Courier instead.


What issues are you having?


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