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wine windows xp microsoft access runtime

Hi all,


I've been trying to get something to work in WINE that is the only thing of mine that currently doesn't work under Linux. I have some other programs installed in WINE that run fine so I've ditched Windows. The one thing I haven't gotten to work is the Windows portion of GedStar Pro, a program which extracts the data from some genealogy files and creates a database that can be used as the input to a fantastic viewer - again Gedstar - on my Android devices. 

The program wouldn't even start until I installed the runtime package(s) for Microsoft Visual C++ for 2005, 2008 and 2010. This allowed the program to start. I also had to set the Wine configuration to Windows XP or a portion that let's you select the database to extract would fail. With that much done it will run and process and gedcom file. Trying to open one of the supported genealogy program's database files results in an error. It appears to need the Microsoft Access runtime but I haven't gotten it to work with the only ones I could find weren't just for 32-bit Windows like Windows XP. I've tried the 2010 version but it still fails. 


I have had email contact from the developer (the program is frozen and may disappear altogether) with the suspicion about needing some database runtime package(s) and was told that would make sense as that database is an Access compatible database. So, I've been trying to find a version of the Access runtime that is for 32-bit Windows, in particular Windows XP compatible with the hope it will work. Just given the error and when it occurs it has to be when the program first tries to connect/open the database file. I could really use some help on this if someone has experience getting programs to run in WINE. 

I've check the WineHQ site but can't find anything to help. It looks like I have gotten further with this than anyone has before. I feel like I am SO close. I had to use Windows XP in WINE or the database file selection doesn't allow me to even select the database for extraction. It will at least let me get that far using either Windows XP or Windows 2003 - but not higher - in the WINE config.


I know this is WINE "thing" but I'm hoping that it's ok to post this here and hope for help. If it makes any difference I'm running 64-bit Linux Sara.


Thank you!!








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