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How do I get rid of DSL?

I'm very much a noob to linux, installing DSL because I had nothing better to do. However, I now have a need to get it off of my machine, yet I can't figure out how.


Basically, what I'm asking is, how can I format my hard drive to the point of which I can install a new OS? I've heard about the "cfdisk" command, but it doesn't show any hard drives when I enter it.


Thank you!.


You need to boot from a Live CD and use some kind of partition editor program to delete your DSL partitions on the hard drive. I recommend the GParted program for this purpose.


The DSL live CD itself might do (not sure if it ships with GParted), or you can get a dedicated GParted Live CD from


Once booted from the live CD (don't do this from the hard drive you're erasing, for obvious reasons), launch GParted and then just right-click each partition and choose Delete.*


Once you click Apply to write the changes to the hard drive, you'll have a blank, unformatted, unpartitioned drive that another OS installer will be able to do what it wants with.


* Completely obvious, but I should say this anyway - you will lose all the data on the partitions you delete. Presumably you don't care about the data on them, but if you do, back it up first. ;)

It worked, thank you! :)

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