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big needed!! please

hi guys, well i dont now to much about computers but i thought i would try linux on my laptop.....the problem is that i cant get on the internet without it plugged in to the wireless box...and as i have a LAP top (lol) i would really like to beable to roam the house using the wireless...


i have a fujitsu siemens laptop 1718 (i think) with a Atheros wireless adapter, and i would really love it if someone could help me out..


please please help me..........i love the look of linux and i think it would be a shame to go back to windows over something so simple as a wireless problem. :(

oh its a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Li1718 ...

I think you need to supply some other information rather than just the make of laptop, eg:


- which distro are you using?

- what error messages are you getting?

- what diagnostics (tests) have you tried to ascertain your wireless connectivity is not working

- what test you would perform to determine that wireless *is* working

.. etc.


Also, this forum deals with some wireless stuff - may be an idea to plough through there first.


lol i have no idea..i dont know a thing about linux, i have done all the updates.


when i click on the programs in use bit it says that the wireless lan is in use but it is not working. on my laptop i have to press the button that turns the wireless on but nothing happens.


i was wandering if this would work? as i have just bought one.


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