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asante al1611

hi guys, im just starting linux (well, not JUST starting) and i want to get my wireless working. i went to but didnt see the name of my card on the list. but, when i download the windows driver from the net, use my usb to get it onto my computer and put the .inf and .sys files into /home/wireless (i havent set up a user account yet, so im root) , and i do ndiswrapper -i /home/wireless/<something>8180.inf, it gives me no output, but when i do ndiswrapper -l, it says:

<something>8180 : invalid driver!

The driver im trying to use worked on windows 2000, so i dont know why its invalid. my asante al1611 probably just isnt supported in linux (its a PCMCIA (or whatever its called) device), but, if theres a solution, thnx in advance.


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