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Low Memory Install

Hi. So I'm doing an install on a box that's only got 128MB memory (which i know is below the recommended amount) :)

Everything is fine until I reboot, at which point I am shuttled directly to the login prompt ...cause there ain't enough memory to run in graphics mode(?).

Is there a way to finish the installation in textmode. Has anybody written a How-To if it's possible?


I don't particularly need graphics mode cause its just a personal webserver project. I wanna do a xampp/eGroupware install. Doesnt matter how slow it is. And seeing as I miss having a commandline, I'd rather learn the text mode commands and switches anyways. :)


Well that was easy. Not being able to get Fedora 8 to work, I've opted for Debian 4.

I know...Noobs!.... no brand loyalty. Sorry.


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