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Can't connect wireless broadband in Fedora 9

I'm a noob to Fedora, and I'm having a problem connecting to wireless networks. The laptop is a toshiba sattelite and the wireless card is an intel PRO/wireless card. When I click the network connections icon, and go to 'Create New Wireless Network', I give it the correct SSID and WPA password. It then tries to connect, fails, and responds with 'secrets required by wireless network - Passwords or encryption keys are required to access the wireless network: "(name I put in)"'. It has also replaced the 10-digit passcode I've put in, and replaced it with a huge one.


Anyone have any advice on where to go from here?


is the wireless card definetly showing up correctly in system-config-network ?


have a read of the following topic (for fedora core 5 so may not be applicable)


have you tried connecting to your wireless router with different settings ?

The network card shows up in the 'network configuration' panel, under the 'Hardware' tab, but not under the 'Devices' tab. I'll reread that topic, but it'll be a while before I can make heads or tails of it. I should probably add that I don't know wether this problem is related to the wireless card, or the router/ISP/something else. The ISP has never seemed to like linux, however it did work on and off in ubuntu.

i think your wireless card needs the firmware loaded, so please read through the link i pasted above





Quote:i think your wireless card needs the firmware loaded, so please read through the link i pasted above 




Hey, thanks for your help sofar, I'm doing what you did in that thread, however I got to the part where you had the screenshot which gave me an idea. I went into my Network configuration, went to add new device type, and my wireless card was listed in there. I added it, wasn't quite sure what to put as any of the settings in there, so I left it how it was, and ended up with the second screenshot


I went back and tried to add some stuff in the configurations, but annother two times I got whats in the first screenshot.


Now, if I still need to load the firmware, the way you did in your post, then it's probably beyond me. I really dont understand much of that. Like I said, I'm a complete noob at this. But if you have any other advice to add, I'd be eternally grateful.

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can you show me a screenshot of your hardware tab in system-config-network ?

Heres the hardware and DNS tabs, and under it is the device configuration tabs.

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ok please try and load the firmware and see does it make things better


if you need live support we are on IRC *efnet server, join #linux-noob




I finally got the problem sorted. I was trying to solve the problem in Fedore and also on a Ubuntu live cd. Some people at Totse helped me fix it on Ubuntu, this link was exactly the answer to my problem. I did what was instructed in there, with difficulty, and it worked. Thanks for your help, it's most appreciated.

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