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how does this true Noob install things.

Just got a dell inspiron 1000 from a friend that was chucking it. I have install Fedora 8 onto it and it is alive! I wanted to install a neat program called beryl. As this is my first time using linux im dazed and confused. I saw beryl requirements are..aquamarine, heliodor, emerlad, emerlad themes. I downloaded these and after some reading tried to uncompress by going to my terminal figured out how to get to the correct directory,

Did the unpack with tar xvzf pkgname.tar.gz then I went into that new directory a

nd tried to configure by ./configure and when I do that everything is configured correctly except for

"checking for kde-config... not found

configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!

Please check weather you installed KDE correctly."


Also I tried to this: yum install beryl-core-0.2.1


this said

"Setting up install process

parsing package install arguments

no package beryl-core-0.2.1 available.

nothing to do"


ps. No Idea what im doing just wish this stuff would work. would a rpm help me? what is that


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