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This was pretty easy to setup. Just follow these basic commands, and you should be good to go.


Just a side note: You will not be able to run the LCD and TV output at the same time. I've tinkered with it for hours, and wasn't able to get it to work. It's one or the other. :blink:


apt-get install atitvout


This will install the application to run the TV out.


atitvout -f auto


This should display something like "Forcing Rage Mobility/Rage 3D Pro LT mode." Simply put, this is running in the "LCD/TV" mode. The L = LCD and T = TV.


Next force the card to display on the TV.


atitvout -f T


Of course you must have the svideo cable attached, but this will force your card to display through Svideo to your TV.


Remember, since your card cannot display both, it would be wise to be able to kill the command and force back to the LCD using:


atitvout -f L


Typically I force it to LCD before I force it to the TV. In case something goes wrong with the display on the TV, I can always hit the "UP Arrow" twice to force it back to the LCD.


Just a little suggestion.


Anyway, I hope this helps anyone utilizing the atitvout command. :huh:

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