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Can't umount cdrom

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Every wonder why sometimes you get this message when you try to un-mount a NFS drive or cdrom drive


root@homer:~# umount /mnt/cdrom 
umount: /mnt/cdrom: device is busy
umount: /mnt/cdrom: device is busy


Well chances a process is running that is using that directory. To find out run


root@homer:~# fuser -m /mnt/cdrom/
/mnt/cdrom/:         24066c


That shows you what process is using that directory. Now lets do a ps aux and see whats running


root@homer:~# ps aux | grep 24066 
root     24066  0.0  0.5  2244 1284 pts/10   S    14:04   0:00 -su



Looks like a the root user is in that directory. If you cannot find the term that is in that directory then kill that process


root@homer:~# kill 24066



now you can un-mount


root@homer:~# umount /mnt/cdrom/


This tip brought to you by the letter J and the letter Y

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