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dns delegation

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This is pretty popular in the shell provider land. You have a host and you want to delegate a subdomain of that domain out to a friend to have ownership over.


So say we have a basic domain called jy.com


Now say we have a friend that wants to take ownership over likes.jy.com.. Well this is actually VERY easy to do.


First we want to add the following lines into the jy.com zone


likes      IN      NS ns1.likes.jy.com
likes      IN      NS ns2.likes.jy.com
ns1.likes  IN      A
ns2.likes  IN      A


Ok so as you see the first two lines say send all request to likes.jy.com to ns1/ns2.likes.jy.com


Then the next two lines tell them what IP those are at. Those ip address should be the other person's DNS servers. You can have more then 2.


Then just setup the domain like normal following something like




Instead of using jy.com.. you want to make a domain called likes.jy.com and then you can do things like www.likes.jy.com

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Hi all, i need some help . My concept is like this


1. I have one domain named ls.tc

2.now i want to give away subdomains with ownership to users NOT url forward service for free. for exmaple : abc.ls.tc with ownership to some xyz user

3.so now i need to do ?


what changes do i need to do with my domin registrar ?

or suppose if have my own name servers with my ls.tx zones, then what chnages i need to do them ?


-thanks for your time


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