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PHP 4.4.0RC1

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Well, I was doing an update checkup to my apache/php/mysql versions, and on php.net this new PHP version was on the top of the news list.


PHP 4.4.0RC1 Available


[14-Jun-2005]We just released the first release candidate for PHP 4.4.0. This is a bug-fix only release, the increased middle digit is needed because this release changes PHP's Internal API that causes existing third-party binary extensions to be incompatible with the new version.


This release address a major problem within PHP concerning references. If references were used in a wrong way, PHP would often create memory corruptions which would not always surface and be visible. In other cases it can cause variables and objects to change type or class. If you encountered strange behavior like this, this release might fix it.


Besides addressing this reference related bug, 46 other bugs are fixed. Please test this release and report any bugs or problems in our bugsystem (after searching first). You can find 4.4.0 RC1 at http://qa.php.net/~derick/

I was wondering if this version was safe? What made me doubt was that it wasn't listed in the Downloads section and there was no md5sum for me to check it against the file.


Just wondering... :ph34r:


Paranoia sucks. :P

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