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Need help installing nvidia divers on FC 4

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I followed the tutorial on this forum for installing nvidia drivers for Fedora Core 3, everything went smoothly. I ran "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7667-pkg1.run" the installer went into the process of recompiling my kernel. There was an error, but I pressed enter too early so i did not see what it was.


I configured the xorg.conf file as shown on tutorial. In Section "Module" i removed Load "dri", and in Section "device" I changed "vesa" to nvidia and changed board name from "Geforce FX (generic) to Geforce 5700 Ultra (which is the card I am tring to install)


I pretty much followed the tutorial word for word. that is until I was to copy/change ownership. The compands. cp -a /dev/nvidia* /etc/udev/devices/nvidia* didi not work as it could not find a directory or file nvidia* thus files were not copied so chown root.root /etc/udev/devices/nvidia* would not work, I checked spelling and everything. I even booted in X and browsed to the folder /dev, nothing was in there.


But i noticed that the module had taken effect and now my video card is labled Geforce 5700 Ultra as I inputed on the xorg.conf file. nvidia is used instead of nv on the file. So does this mean i have the driver installed or does it mean that I just succeeded in just renaming my card from Geforce FX (generic) to Geforce FX 5700 Ultra.


How will I know that I have successfully installed the driver?

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