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DNS configuration

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i use afraid.org to make an alias to my ip adress and i set at home at dns usig the tutorial from this forum and i have some problems


i have wiz.rdstel.org that point to my ip

and i want www.wiz.rdstel.org and ftp.wiz.rdstel.org to do like same but i have a problem from my internal netwok and from server i can ping www.wiz.rdstel.org and ftp.wiz.rdstel.org but from the internet i can't


i open 53 port but still not working can some one help me ?

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as far as i know, afraid.org doesn't delegate free subdomains.. if you want to use your dns server, you have to assign your dns servers to be the primary servers for that host, if seeno.net points to, that doesn't mean that when anyone tries to find www.seeno.net it will query, hope you get my point :P


if that's not the case and i got it wrong, try opening port 53 udp and tcp for incoming connections and see what happens, and if your box is behind a router/firewall (external) forward port 53 tcp/udp to the internal ip

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i write to afraid.org and they said that in order to administrate my subdomain i had to move wiz.rdstel.org on my name server so i did i move wiz.rdstel.org on ns.wiz.rdstel.org.

i configure my dns but still does not work


When I test against your server I am able to resolve the IP's of the subdomains that you create, however I really don't know what afraid.org is looking for, maybe stick their e-mail reply in here?

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