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Gentoo on Laptop

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okies, now people had smiels on IRSSI, FUNNY aye :lol:


Here a screen shot of my Gentoo on laptop machine, it widescreen ;)


I'm running Gnome at the mo, Gdekslets is good tools. Good wearher and hypertial, Gmail notify, Gaim and Irssi. got laucher with nice icons ;)


on the right hand side can't remember the name but, it need to tweak big more coz of text looks out of area lol.


I have not finish my emerge yet lol i know it big job... i do it bit by bit. got the battery display to work, apm isn't working so i use acpi and it works spot on :)


hope you like it. I'll post how to tomorrow or other time - but it bed time for me as i need some sleep - working tomorrow :( gets up at 6:30am


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