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Turn on/off monitor with server

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Perhaps some Linux experts can help with this one...


Is is possible, using the built-in power management in SUSE, to turn the monitor on and off at predetermined times? Ideally, this would be done via using server time (ie screens turn on at 1:00pm and turn off at 2:00am).


As an alternative, is possible to configure Suse to do the same thing without the server?


Thanks for any info, I know this is kind of a strange question.



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Not a strange question at all and it is completely possible. There is a utility called "xset" which is built for the purpose of tweaking X.


Quick list of what it does:

xset s Reset to standard settings

xset s 600 Activate after 10 minutes

xset s blank Use blank screen

xset s off Deactivate screensaver

xset s on Switch on screensaver

xset s activate Activate screensaver immediately

xset q Display current settings

xset +dpms Enable power saving

xset -dpms Disable power saving


So for you to enable:

xset +dpms
xset s on
xset s activate


And to disable:

xset s off
xset -dpms


You can use cron to enable at a time.. and disable at a time.

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