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How to install Firefox?

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I use Fedora Core 4 x86-64 with the pre-installed 64bit Firefox Version

because it's not possible to install the Flash plugin on the 64bit Firefox I dl the 32 bit version


It's unpacked on my Desktop, but I dont know how to install it


I can't just replace it with my old Firefox, and there is no File in the Folder wich I can run


I use Linux since 2 Days, so don't lapidate me for this simple question :P


thanks for answers



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If you want to remove the old firefox, simply open a console and type su - inclusing the dash... enter your root password and do yum remove firefox. this is fedoras package manager and will remove the old firefox then you can install the new version :)

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Ok to upgrade software in Fedora you can use "yum":

yum upgrade firefox


This has some information how to do that: http://www.fedorafaq.org/#installsoftware


You might want to look here to see how to setup extra areas to get software from.


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