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Sound and DialUp Modem

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Hi, I am still waiting for my ADSL so at this time i juse a 56kbps

dial up modem, im using KDE at Slackware. How should i do to set it up?


And now another problem, Sound. I have a SoundBlaster Live24 and in the

volume panel it found the soundcard but i cant get any sound.



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try running alsamixer as root


make sure to check all the settings of every device listed from left to right (you may have to scroll right)


press 'm' to mute/unmute a channel, it may be as simple as that (if you are lucky)


if not, hopefully some slack heads can advise




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ok lets see

/me tries to remember


.. ok do what anyweb said first then you have to do alsactl store once you have exited alsa mixer to save your settings.. reboot and pray ..still no sound? try alsaconf as root.. if i recall correctly that did it for me on slack(my second slack venture)box .. i tried alsamixer and alsactly store and that never worked for me so someone suggested alsaconf on my second time round and it worked without having to do alsamixer at all .. anyway make sure you alsactl store once you get the sound..hope this wasent too confusing i write crap paragraphs sorry :P


good luck!

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