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new nigerian type scam?

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So I am a member of MySpace for shits and giggles. Now anyone thats been on it for a bit knows you get these spams from girls that look amazingly good trying to get to join some site.. but recently I got this one that says she is from NYC.. but it turns out she is just from russia.


Now I am still in the process of playing this whole game out.. but when i first for her first message she asked for my email.. so I figured it was spam but the message was a bit personalized.. so I gave her my yahoo email which i use for web signups for all the excess spam i'll get and i never check it.. So here is her first email.. and under each email I'll also post my reply and my comments about her email like what I was thinking.. and i'll post the images she sent in them. Now from the very start when she first emailed me with the pictures she sent i was thinking this was some kind of scam but I'm the type of guy who will play along for as long as they will let me.


the emails will be in code blocks and my comments will be below them


Here first email to me

Hi, dear Mike!
Thank you for your e-mail. I saw your profile, you
seems to be very interesting and attractive man.
First of all I have to tell you that I'm living in
Vladivostok city, Russia. I don't want you to be deluded thinking that I live in USA. I listed New York in my profile because it's where I would like
to find a friend from.
Last year I had spent two months in New York City.
You know I study in university and my specialization is
journalism. So I got an invitation from Columbia University as a member of international student change program. I liked America very much. Americans are so nice and kind people. I just fall in love with this country!
Now I dream of my coming back to America soon,  not
just for several months, but for a long long time.
This year I'll graduate from university and get my journalist diploma. And want to find a job by my speciality in New York and to live in this wonderful
city. That's why I want to find my only beloved man
in USA.
Well,  is that possible that you could become
exactly that right man I'm looking for?
Tell me more about yourself and your family. Have you
ever been married or had a girlfriend?
I think it's enough for the first letter. I hope to
hear from you soon. Aloha!
24.03.2006					  Irina




Ok now the email looks all innocent enough.. I mean its a bit broken english which makes me believe she could be a real russian. Then i get down to the images.. and i'm like whooaaaaaa.. something is wrong here.. So the first thing that is going through my head is 2 things..

1) its a hoax.. its some guy.. somewhere in the world trying to steal money from people.. he could be russian

2) this really is the girl trying to get into the country then could care less about you.. or just wanting some easy money

Now my guess is its probably the first.. there is a .00000001% chance of this being total legit.


So i play along and send her back this email


My first reply


Sorry this took me so long to reply.. I don't check
this address all that often unless I know I'm getting
something on. Plus with soccer/work and my dog I
hardly have time for myself. 

I love NY myself. I have lived upstate most of my life
and just moved down to New York City pretty recently
and love it here.. There's always something to do
here.. its a great city. 

Well I guess if you want to be in journelism this is
one of the best cities to come to in the world. good
choice. I work at a IT firm doing a lot of currency
brokerage work. I just took the job here about a month
ago and that was the main reason I came down here. 

Most of my family lives around the New York area. We
are generally pretty close and always get together a
lot. I have a lot of family that lives down around the
NYC area. I have a younger sister and both my parents
are still together. They live about 4 hours north of
NYC. My extended family is pretty big.. both my
parents have 5 brothers and sisters so family get
togethers are always big. 

Right now I live on the upper east side with my dog..
She is a 3 year old boston terrier. Its a small dog
with a lot of energy. I've never been married but have
had 3 relationships over a year. My last one ended in
september.. it lasted for about 3 years. 

If you want to know more.. feel free to ask



pretty standard.. there.. then i get this one back with some new pictures


Her 2nd email


Hi, dear Mike!
Thank you for your reply. Had you already found Vladivostok city at the world map?
Please send to me some of your pictures and also tell me more about your education,
about your work, about your interests and hobbies. I'd like to get to know you better.
My city is very beautiful. It's located at the Russian Pacific coast. I live in two bedroom
appartment together with my parents and my youngest brother. My mother Svetlana,
43 years old, works as mathematics teacher at high school, and my daddy Edward,46
works as a carpenter in construction company. My brother Anton is just five years old
kid. Our family is considered to be poor even by Russian standards. We don't even have a car. Fortunately, I'm studying at university on free basis, because my parents
couldn't afford to pay $1500 a year for my education. That's why I was so glad and
touched when our university had sent me to Columbia University and paid for airline
tickets and my two months stay and studying over there. That was a greatest trip of
my life! I like to travel so much.
I have a lot of friends, both girls and guys and I enjoy contacting to them and to have
a fun together. I had a biyfriend, we had serious relationships for two years, but he started cheating me, so we had parted last summer.
I was born in April 12,1983. I'm Aries, fiery sign, maybe that's why I'm so emotional
and active person. I adore sex and could make love to some passionate guy all the
day and all the night long! My favorite sexual fantazy is trucking with athletic guy
under the silver moonlight somewhere at desert sea beach. Are you shocked by
my frankness, Mike, aren't you? Would you like to have sex with me?
Well, maybe that could come true some day if we really meet. Now it's your turn
to tell me some story. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Aloha!
30.03.2006										 Irina





ok now this is when its getting pretty obvious something is up.. now maybe russian girls are crazy but i don't know many girls that in their 2nd email start talking about sex much less send these types of pictures to people. Another clue i figured something was up was when she said how poor she was.


my 2nd reply


I have attached some more pictures of me in this
email. most of them are with my ex-gf or with friends.
I don't have many of just me since I was usually
taking them

I went to college from 97-01 at a small school called
Marist. I met a lot of really close friends there most
of which I still hang out with today. My work is
really doing a lot of computer stuff.. its a hard job
to try to explain about but basically its a job that
requires me to know a lot about everything computers
and internet and such. Right now work takes up a lot
of my time. I play soccer 3-4 times a week for a
really good mens team here in nyc. So my nights are
pretty busy with soccer. Other then that I just spend
time with my dog and friends and right now I have
little time to just relax and sit back and watch tv. I
don't have many hobbies anymore.. since i hardly have
anytime.. but I guess you can say a hobby is soccer or
basketball. I feel the need to stay as active as

Thats crazy.. only $1500 for college. I went to a
school that was $20k a year. As for parents.. both my
parents are in their mid 50's and both still work. My
dad owns his own company. My sister is 19 and
finishing up her first year in college. 

I was born in july which makes me a cancer. i don't do
much of that astology stuff so i have no clue what a
cancer would make me. 

of course i'd love to have sex with you. I'm sure any
guy would. the fantasy sounds good to me. I'm not that
conservative in the bed when it comes to that



again i play along like I think this girl is totally legit. so here is her next email like a few hours later


her 3rd email


Hi,dear Mike!
Thank you for your reply.
You know, four years ago when I was 18 I dreamed of
becoming an actress. I was going to come to Moscow
and to join the theatre college over there. Unfortunately
I had changed my mind and joined an university here in
Vladivostok. Though had I only have a second chance
I would not hesitate now. I love the cinema so much!
I saw a lot of Hollywood movies. "Basic instinct" is one of
my favorite movies. And I think I could cast in this movie
not a worse way than Sharon Stone did. Tell me, Mike,
if I look better than Sharon to you?
If you want to know my opinion, I prefer to date with older,
mature men. My age guys are good for sex, but most of them are so stupid, so inexperienced, they are so much
denendant on their parents and can't get money for themselves. I see my beloved man to be a mature, intellectual, rich man who runs his own business, who achieved a lot in his life. You seem to be exactly that kind
of man I'm looking for.  I like your pictures and find you to be very attractive man. I want very much to come to America as soon as possible, however, you know I am very poor girl. I just have no money for this trip. But I'm inerested in relationship with you, and you can believe me,  I'm too dreaming to find myself in your big  bed. That would be wonderful! So I have to tell you honestly, I just don't know what to do. Maybe you can give me some advice.
I'll send to you more of my pictures in my next letter.
My hugs and kisses of fire only for you, Mike. Aloha!




now this is where its starting to get even better.. her saying if she had a 2nd chance she'd stay there.. I think I'm 4 years older then she is but i'm far from rich.. so i have no clue where she gets that from. then she goes into saying about how she has no money to come back overhere again.. haha.. this is almost too funny.


now i haven't replied back to this one yet.. but i'm open to any ideas to what people might say to this and what ideas i have to get her over here.


On a side note i have a few friends I showed the emails too and they hope this girl is the real thing.. they say even if its a .00001% chance i should keep it up..


I'll keep posting the threads of this.. i'm gonna see how long it goes before this person gives up and just says I should like wire transfer her money to fly over here..


On a side note i've read a ton of stories about these mail order russian brides that just use the service to get out of russia and ditch the guy as soon as they get their greencard.


Jy "is a Pimp" Y


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Hate to interupt your thread, but just so you continue with this ill tell you a little something....


I am/was a user of lots of im services. Msn, aim, yahoo etc....

One day i got this message off of "some" girl who wanted to chat to me. Now this in its self was amazing, never had a random girl decided they wanted to chat to me but i went along with it....


We chatted for an hour and then she started bringing up the issue of sex etc. We chatted some more and then she says "Oh i've emailed you some pictures". I was like "ewrrr ok thanks?". The chatting continued and then i checked the email, yep shes sent me some pictures.... of her self, nude.


Now im thinking "hey yet another bot, so much fun!"..... So i continue chatting and eventually she starts saying how we should meet up, and shes going to come and see me.... (I was never serious about this, i've got a gf and happy) so i said ok.... where you from. She starts laughing saying im stupid and tells me shes in coventry (where i am).


Im now thinking *well thats a clever bot*.

I arranged to meet her at this park 10 minutes away from my house....... About 15min later she drove up.... I was no where to be seen (i was actually sitting up a tree watching this wondering if it would be some bloke !!



She was quite tasty too.... I flamed her when i was home, saying she should NEVER EVER send nude pictures when shes not sure of whoms shes speaking to, i mentioned i could be some 10 yr old but she didn't seem to care and then said she would never talk to me again. (Fine by me xD)




Strange really, some of these people are for real :o

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i am thinking this is a new kind of scam where it takes more time to get the money out of someone its a lot more personal so they are more likely to take the bait.. i'll continue to play along and see how far i can take this

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i am thinking this is a new kind of scam where it takes more time to get the money out of someone its a lot more personal so they are more likely to take the bait.. i'll continue to play along and see how far i can take this


i get a feeling you are right.. after all even the basic 419er will take a time after the generic uce ... this one promises to pay out we some sexx0r .. have fun ;)

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