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do you use wireless in linux ?

do you use wireless in linux ?  

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  1. 1. is wireless working for you in linux ?

    • yes, using ndiswrapper (what card)
    • yes, using native linux drivers (what card)
    • i dont have any wireless adaptors
    • no, i can't get wireless to work (explain)

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do you use wireless in linux ? if so what linux cards and what distro and are you using ndiswrapper ?


at the moment i'm using a pcmcia wireless card (dell truemobile 1150) as it has native linux drivers in every distro i've tried since rh9, i'm currently using fedora core 5 and have not yet got my onboard intel 2200 bg minipci card to work, but i will fix it when i get time




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although i myself don't have wireless in house.. i have installed and help work many a card under linux for others.

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I spent ages trying to get my wireless card to work in linux, but was a lot of messing around without access to the net. In the end I just bought another router, got a 3rd party fireware upgrade for my linsys and have the 2 routers connect to each other.


I also live in an old stone house with 2ft thick walls, I find the two routers do a much better job, never loose signal now.

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It's not for lack of trying, I was previously using Suse 10.1 and now I'm trying out mandriva, and all that I'll get with NDIS Wrapper in either build is that I don't have the right hardware for my system, and as far as I know, there are no linux drivers for a Dell Wireless 1470 Dual-band laptop card. I'm going ever-so-slowly insane.

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