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Windows running inside linux

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I've seen many screenshots from linux users running windows with wine inside linux (no matter what bistro they were using).

My question is How can I do that and most important is if that the network services from windows work? thats because i have to switch between linux and windows depend of the application i required.



thank you.

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sure ly you mean running windows APPLICATIONS using wine in linux,


yes, that works fine for quite a lot of applications, but not all


what applications are you interested in, and what distro of linux are you using/planning on using


to run windows itself (the operating system) within linux, would require a virtual operating system manager tool, like vmware, or perhaps xen (someday)




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No, I mean windows within linux.



Using RH9

Win xp sp2


But if i use a virtual operating system manager tool will i have access to network resourses in both OS?.


as xdamox says use vmware,


however, get rid of RH9 as it is EOL (end of life) for a few years now, as in UNSUPPORTED


and that means,


out of date


behind the times


get yourself a copy of Fedora Core release 5, which is the 'modern' day equivalent of RH9, and very nice it is too





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