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No... not again... I've done it again...

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Well. I've gone and done it now. While none of you are familiar with my history concerning Linux and various distros, I've been using them off and on for the past ten, maybe eleven years. And a year or so ago, I promised myself--promised, I tell you!--that I wouldn't go back to using Linux. So many things just aren't the familiar 'Bindows' feel. But then there's the aspect of learning more about something that I find interesting, and that is something I just cannot resist.


So, I've gone and done it again... gone back to Linux. But this is my first time joining any sort of support forum, so perhaps I'll have more luck this time around. Woe is me, I'm losing my mind...


Anyway, I'm here, saying hi to all of you strangers (Hi there.) and hoping that any issues I have I'll be able to find the answers to. Here's for luck and insanity!

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welcome to the forums


we also have an IRC channel on EFNET


join #linux-noob




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Welcome, we can try to keep you sane.. but no promises :P

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Ah yes, IRC. Basically IRC is like MSN/AIM etc, except its bigger, you chat to many people at the same time in "channels".


A good linux client is "x-chat". You can install that in your system and then connect to EFNet (the network that we are on). Then choose to join our channel "#linux-noob".


If you just want to try it out you can use Mozilla Firefox. Look for an extension called Chatzilla. Once its loaded .. in the box along the bottom do, these two (one after the other).


/connect efnet.demon.co.uk
/join #linux-noob


Then you should see us :D


There are some other help pages




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