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I'm not sure if this is possible, but its my last solution. I have a very old printer that I want to run on linux (FC5) if it is possible that is. This run's fine on XP, but unfortuneately, I just can't find any linux drivers for this.


I've read a bit about wine (don't still fully understand it, but getting there :D ) and it sort of runs xp inside linux right? Well if that's so, is it possible to run xp inside linix to run this printer?


If not, any possible solution around it?


Thanks :)

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Its a zebra 105s. At the time this was out, it was running on a windows 98 / 95 system, that's how old it is :blink: but it is a very commercial machine (it's a label printer). I have found some label software that has the driver for this and run it under wine, but out of the 3 programs that would work (the other 2 wouldn't, kept crashing) it couldn't find the printer. So this was xp drives for a xp machine an I was running it under wine asking it to find ports on a linux machine, no wonder it didn't work :(


I was thinking of maybe running this printer on a xp machine, sharing it across the network and connecting this laptop to it to print? but someone told me that it wouldn't work as I need the drives on my laptop to be able to print?


I would REALLY like to get this printer to work off linux, but i'm not sure if its possible :(


Any help would be greatfully appreciated!!

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