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OSX Style Menu

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On a lot of screenshots, this for example:


I've seen a small menu-bar like that on OSX, this screenshot seems to be fluxbox, which I currently use,

since I don't have it, I assume it's some other program providing it, like idesk (?) for desctop icons..


Wherther my assumption is true or not, what's it called and how do I get it?


// D

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Ah yes, enigma does have one very sweet fluxbox setup! Although iDesk is capable of managing desktop icons for fluxbox it has none of the eye-candy that you see in that screen shot ;)


What he is using is most likely gdesklets (superkarmba is another that can do this sort of thing), i think that bar looks like StarterBar (which is called a desklet).


So install Gdesklets first (I don't know your distro but):

yum install gdesklets gdesklets-starterbar


I hope that yum can find it :)


If not, then you can try to find the RPMs/DEBs depending on your system.


Enjoy eye-candy!

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