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using mount --bind with vsftpd

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if you've ever setup vsftpd and noticed that when you login it defaults the user to their home directory


eg: user anyweb will ftp in to




then how can you let that user access another folder outside of their home ?


using bind !


here's a quick example


[root@www anyweb]# mkdir ftp2
[root@www anyweb]# mount --bind /ftp2  /home/anyweb/ftp2
[root@www anyweb]# mkdir ftp3
[root@www anyweb]# mount --bind /ftp3  /home/anyweb/ftp3


now when you ftp in, you'll see the contents of /home/anyweb PLUS ther'll also be two additional folders called ftp2 and ftp3 and anything you dump in there or read from there comes directly from the 'real' directories








got it ?


thanks to jY in #linux-noob for this tip




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anyone know how to unbind a 'bound mount' as in the above examples ?




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