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How to get K3B to rip MP3's in FC6

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Hey fellow linux users!!

Since a week I have my laptop fully running Fedora Core 6.

Fedora Core 6 comes with the "Sound Juice CD-Ripper" which I couldn't get to rip to MP3.

Since I have a PSP and I would love to rip my cd's to MP3....this is how I do it now:


Tools I use are:


- K3b (yeah the burning software)

you can get it by going into SU mode in the terminal and typing:

yum -y install k3b

yum -y search k3b mp3


After that's done, download and install this:



After that is installed FEDORA CORE 6 will tell your there is 1 new update. install that, open up K3b.

Open the "Settings => Configure K3b" window and goto the CDDB settings.

Change it (if it isn't like that allready) to access the external cddb (for titles and such)


After that open a new AUDIO-CD project and in the upper-left navigator click your cd-rom/dvd-rom station where your Audio-cd is inserted in.

After that, select the tracks you wanna rip, goto "Projects => Convert Audiofiles"

Change the "WAVE" into "MP3 (lame)", choose a destination folder and your all set!!


Press the start button and let it run.

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