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Enlightenment E17

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If you don't know about enlightenment, it is one of those externally "in development" packages. The e16 release was sometime ago and whilst it was beautiful it suffered (at least for me) from constant slowness :(. So I gave up and went back to my then standard desktop of Fluxbox. Then somewhere alone the way I discovered that e17 was actually available (as a CVS package) from Gentoo's Portage! So I gave it a go and was instantly disappointed it was so buggy it was unusable. So back to Fluxbox again. I then gave it another go, I was determined that the very pretty middleweight window manager! And so it was that I began happily using e17, installing its various modules (take a look at some of my screenshots). In fact .. what the hell here is a couple of screenshots:








So how do you get this pretty desktop .. well it just so happens that edevelop supplies several Deb packages.


Setup these two sources. Then you can use apt to install it.

deb http://edevelop.org/debian/ sid main contrib non-free
deb-src http://edevelop.org/debian/ sid main contrib non-free


Please note you can replace "sid" with "sarge" or "etch" depending on your current Debian version. Enjoy!

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