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Dean Plude

Adding new users the easy way

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Yeah .. its the easy method by far :)


# useradd -d /home/$1 -m -k /etc/skel -g users -G audio,video -s /bin/bash $1


That's what I use, please note this isn't perfect for all systems, some might not have the groups I add.


Also when I'm setting up accounts (multiple) I normally use the -p option to allow me to set a default password.


# crypt.pl somewonderfulpassword
# useradd -p eBX9jzU8Bjlmo ...... etc .... $1


The crypt.pl is a nice simple bit of perl:

#!/usr/bin/perl -l
$password = shift;
@salt = ('.', '/', 0 .. 9, 'A' .. 'Z', 'a' .. 'z');
print crypt $password, join '', (@salt)[rand 64, rand 64];



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Yo znx,


Nice tips, however don't you think: # crypt.pl somewonderfulpassword is abit insecure

as this will be logged in the .bash_histroy if your using bash?

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Well what I did there was an example, normally I do all that from a script, where $1 is the input ...

# useradd -p `crypt.pl $1` .... $1


So simply setup an account with user/pass the same .. :) Also if you are doing this as root (which I'd assume you are) then you would be in control of the account as it was and able to reset the password to anything you wanted! eheh

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