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Server Red Hat and error message Destination Host Unreachable

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The Linux server Red Hat that I have got in my lab is giving me this error :


((Destination Host Unreachable.....))



Its NIC is up, and IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway is fine, the Cisco switch where it connected is configured correctly, but neither any one can ping this Red Hat Server nor it can ping any one on the same network.


Switch shows green light , that means physical connection (NIC, cable) should be ok.


I even added the default router under the properties of NIC on Red

Hat Server....it didn't make any difference.



If I unplugged the server and plugged my laptop instead, they can ping each other (switch and other PCs and laptop)


1- Beside the firewall (enabling and disabling) that I have to check




2- Can I uninstall TCP/IP and reinstall it again (If that feasible like windows)?

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can you ping ? (google.com)


if so your dns needs fixing


can you paste the results of




here ?


that should list your active network cards.




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