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30 days with Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty fawn)

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well the Ubuntu hype is everywhere, and being a long term fedora fan, I've decided to give Ubuntu a test run on my linux laptop (OEM, Intel 855GM, 640mb ram, onboard intel video, onboard broadcom wireless, 30gb hdd) for 30 days starting today (May 2nd, 2007). I will update each day with my thoughts, problems, trials and tribulations with Ubuntu below, so stay tuned !




Please note that as there is a LOT of content (including high res. screenshots) in this thread, so I've broken it down into components:-


Days 1-5


covers:- download, installation, wireless setup, ndiswrapper, rhythmbox, firefox, remote desktop, ubuntu update, dvd playback (totem), compiz/xgl, beryl



Days 6-10


covers:- printing, networking, firefox, mplayer, evolution, bittorrent, docking, ubuntu updates



Days 11-15


covers:- totem, network issues, power management, standby, hibernate, more updates, avant-dock, beryl, gdesklets



Days 16-20


covers:- avant-dock, gdesklets, more updates, burning audio cd's with k3b



Days 21-25


covers:- LinuXXX, more updates, Installing gftp/wine/FlashFXP, Migrate Documents and Settings,

Grub Triple boot, fsck error, Desktop Effects and Nvidia video drivers


Days 26-30


covers:- more updates, kernel update, gdesklets, digital camera [sTILL IN PROGRESS]



The posts above are in real time, so may get updated when you least expect it, therefore if a Day looks unfinished, it's because the day hasn't yet completed or because I'm still typing. So if it looks unfinished, pop back later or hit F5 (refresh)..


Finally, when the 30 days are done, I'll write about the experience in the reviews section of the site.


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