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Having some trouble with dual boot.

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Hi, I'm a person who has dabbled with Ubuntu since Dapper Drake. I'm interested in learning Linux and I chose Ubuntu because it seemed like a distro I could use with the family computer. I enjoy Ubuntu, especially the latest release 7.04, but I can not switch completely because there are programs that I need Windows XP to run them (ex. Daemon Tools, some games, Adobe Flash, etc.). Currently, I have a dual-boot setup with Ubuntu on Partition 1 and Windows XP on Partition 2. Windows XP was already installed on the computer, so it was only a matter of installing Ubuntu. At first, I could easily switch between Windows XP and Ubuntu, but the next day I came back and suddenly I could no longer boot into Windows. On GRUB, Windows XP (SP2) appears as an option, but when I select it, it displays a message saying "Starting up.." with a blinking cursor then does nothing. I'm not sure what is causing this and I want to wait before I reinstall GRUB since I see that as a last resort.


Computer Specs:

model: HP Pavilion m7640n

Hard Drive size: 300 GB, SATA. The partitions are split in half, with a 500 MB swapfile. I did the partitiong through the GUI installer.

Video Card: NVidia 6100 Integrated

Memory: 2 GB

Windows XP version: SP2

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