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Easy Network Problem

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I have an easy network problem for ya all!


I am trying to do a peer to peer network on two pc's. I've installed dual boot OS on both pc's. Each, having a Windows XP and SUSE Linux 10.1. Now, I tried to install Samba on Linux in the first pc and booted windows XP on the second. I've done a static configuration on both pc's and finally got to see the network on both pc's using CLI(terminal) and File Browser applications.


Now, my next objective is to network the two with SUSE Linux OS using the same settings as above but changing the OS on the second pc to SUSE. I've done initial settings on the second pc to connect to the Samba server but I have no success yet. In the Samba server (1st pc), I could already see the network group (using File Browser--> Network Servers) but the server is the only pc that exists inside. I could ping on both pc's, no problem on the CLI(terminal) on both sides. The only problem is, I couldn't get to see the second computer on the File Browser application.




1st pc:

Hostname = THE_SERVER

IP Address =

Subnet mask =

Workgroup = Linuxwindow


2nd pc:

Hostname = linuxzf8

IP Address =

Subnet mask =

Workgroup = Linuxwindow


Thank you...

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