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- Dell offers Ubuntu on two more systems!


- full circle - issue #2! covers:

* Kubuntu install step-by-step

* How-To : Install Ubuntu on Intel Mac Mini, Virtual Private Networking, Learning Scribus part 2 and Ubuntu for your Grandma!

* Review of System76 Darter Laptop

* Interview with GRAMPS developer

* Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop, MyPC, Top5 and more!


All Full Circle Issues can be found here.


- Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #46 covers:

* Want to know more about Ubuntu on Dell?

* Jordan Mantha Joins Ubuntu Core Team

* Gutsy Goals Released

* Release of Launchpad 1.1.6

* In the Press & In the Blogosphere

* Upcoming Meetings

* Bug information

* Security and updates information


Security update here.

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