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Hi everyone.




I work for a French / japanese company.

I am the infraestructure administrator for the northamerica division which means 3 production plants; 2 in the US and 1 in Mexico, and 1 research and development site.

I used to use linux back in the late 90s and early 2000. I started using RH and mandrake a long long time ago. I started setting up mail servers with sendmail and cache servers using squid.


Right now I started to use linux again (ubuntu) but it is a completely new world. Hope to understand well everything.




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thanks for the intro Yaravi,


and welcome to the forums once again :)

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I would be a good idea to have a asterisk / trixbox section.

It is a well growing community and technology arount asterisk.

It would be a good idea to have a section for support and that stuff.



what do you think?

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no idea what you are talking about, please enlighten me !




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Asterisk or trixbox formelly known as asterisk at home convine with freepbx are systems to manage inbound or outbound calls. Like a PBX (phone system).






didnt you know about this?

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