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dual boot or virtual machine

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hi, i need to be able to run windows programs from time to time, and i would like to know which should i do?


dual boot or virtual machine?


really right now, all im worried about is which one is the easiest to set up, or in the case of both of them being complex which one is "better" i guess.


i think im leaning towards the virtual machine because it seems like it would be "safer" from virii because i could simply start over very easily, by like just restarting the OS right? but it would be slower because it has to emulate everything right?


thank you!


edit: I have tried wine, but for some reason it locks up my box when i try to do anything with it

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I'm tempted to say it would be a little easier to do a virtual machine - if you already have installed Linux it is a pain to install Windows afterwards in a dual boot (possible, but a lot more tricky than doing it the other way round).


The only thing to think about is that the virtual machine will be slower and so depending on exactly the nature of the applications you need, this speed decrease may or may not be a major factor.


The main benefit of a dual boot here would be full native speed, but a little more inconvenience in having to reboot to switch and as you mentioned, it's easier to wipe out and start again with a VM.


Ultimately, the right decision depends on your exact needs. :)

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In my personal opinion, I've enjoyed Virtual Machines as a source to test out another OS... but would rather have to reboot the machine to get the full "experience" out of the OS. My recommendations (based off of my experiences and knowledge) if you are doing little things, that don't stress the computer that much, then go with the VMs. If your going to run CPU intense programs, then its better to dual boot.


Hope this has helped :D



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I'd back what SkullFire said, its a great way to experience a system. If you have a server or something with a great more resources than a normal PC then you can use it as a server but only then.

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