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What I think of PCLinuxOS

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I have been using linux for awhile now, I still not perfect ofcourse since I've quited for awhile, in the past 4years I tried alot of distro's such as (Slackware 7.0 - Mandrake - Fedora core 1 & 2 - ubuntu - knoppix - and then gentoo) I liked each one of them but mostly for me i liked gentoo the most, that was all 4yrs old, then I quit'd internet since i joined the army, few weeks ago i'm back, casually using windows which sucks, I only like windows for games, but then it accures to me that I liked linux & #Linux-noob on irc, so then i went to distrowatch and checked that PCLinuxOS is taking #1 there.


Then i was like "uh new distro? at least for me" What is PCLOS?? I never heard of it :P Then i thought i want to give it a shot, and it happens 5days ago I've downloaded PCLOS and installed it, it went very smooth.. I'll tell you this, the smoothest linux distro install i ever had. and i kept trying everything in linux just to remind myself, and get all of my memories because I totally forgot everything, and it's really awesome. I even like it more than any other distro i've tried.


If you read this, and haven't try PCLinuxOS, I'll tell you this "Give it a shot" its easy configurable & synaptic (Package manager) is really awesome. in general a word from a noob "easy to use"



have fun. :)


-vmlinuz in #linux-noob

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