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Nvidia Drivers Will Not Install

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Ok, I am using an Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT 512mb PCI-E.

I got some drivers that just will not install, this is what i do.


step one:

I Press F4 to enter a console

step two:

I type ROOT then my password

step three:

I type INIT 3 to enter level 3

step four:

Then i log into root again

step five:

i type "cd /home/Delta_Echo/Desktop" because thats where i have the .run

step six:

Then i type "sh runme.run" (I named it runme so i could remember it)

step seven:

Now the weird mix between GUI and Test-based come sup, i go through the install.

Then i get a message saying something like "No kernel interface module detected for this driver." i press OK

Then i says "would you like the driver to try to download an interface module from nvidia.com" i press OK

then it says "no kernel interface module detected" "Would you like the driver to compile an interface module?" i press OK

The last driver i tried to install (for an ATI card) did the same thing but that worked.

After i pressed ok it says something like: "cannot compile kernel module" something about"requires kernel-devel or kernel-source"

it sayed ALOT more but i cannot remember...

then a messag sayed install failed and that a log was made..in press ok.

step eight:

i type init 5


anyone have any ideas?

pls help TY

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Go to a terminal and do the following:


su -
[[enter root password when prompted]]
yum install kernel-devel


Now try the installation process as you described above again.

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Ok, i got my nvidia driver sup and running.

Thanks man.

But now i am having problems with BERYL, i installed these drivers because i thought it would allow me to run beryl.

Beryl doesn't do anything, i start beryl and its like the windows manager flashed through beryl and went back to Gnome?

my friend says that i need to configure something and that the beryl wiki would tell me how, well the wiki is offline (haxxors) so does anyone know what i am supose to do????

and again ty for the help.

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