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Well, I can only be as clear as my directions that I was given. Let's see If I can break this down a bit more.


What I have to do is..


Configure my home directory as a Samba Share. Then use the smbclient to connect to my home directory using a bash shell. Then list the home directory contents and copy the contents.


So basically what I have to do is configure the directory and prove that I have done so. :P

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Hello :D


So um, here we go. Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf


 comment = My Home Space
 path = /home/myuser/
 valid users = myuser
 public = no
 writable = yes
 printable = no
 create mask = 0765


Thats a simple example, replace "myuser" with your correct username. Then you want to restart the samba service. I believe that under Fedora its:


service smb restart


That should be it working as a share then. Basically smbclient works like this for listing your home directory:


smbclient -U myuser //localhost/home -c "ls"


Or for doing a simple copy of a file:


smbclient -U myuser //localhost/home -c "cp file filecopy"




Any good?

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