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fedora 7

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I have tried several times installing fedora 7 and make it fully work in my computer. Even before i can install there's already a problem. The graphic install method wont work. If I click it there wont be any display that would come out. So i tried the text install method. it installed. Then I installed the latest Nvidia Drivers, downloading the RPM package from livna.org. But still, when i startx , the GUI won't come up. The display is the same when I try to install F7 thru graphical install method. Pls. help... My graphics card is an NVIDIA 6800 GS Sonic and my monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 591s. :( . thanx.

P.s. the CLI is working, just the GUI.

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have you tried installing the latest nvidia driver from nvidia's website instead ? please do and tell us what happens

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