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fc7 Network Problem

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could anyone tell me how to get internet on startup when loading fc7?

I am using cable internet provided by virgin in the UK.


I have fc7 installed on my laptop as well as desktop.

on desktop i am also running windows.

The problem is when starting up fc7, it is a struggle to get connected to the internet on the desktop and impossible for any network connection on the laptop.


However this was not a problem when i had first installed fc7 and used it for a few months on both systems.


Things went smoothly. However i stopped using the laptop for a few months and began to continue use with windows on the desktop for quite a while.


Now when i run fc7 on both systems, i face network problems.

why is this happeneing?


I used to face this problem a lot with fc6 mainly on the laptop and it was a pain trying to connect to the internet using the network confirguration after 4 or 5 tries or having to restart.


are my setting not correct?

so when it starts up, it displays a screen where it determines the ip connection and it then displays the status as failed or ok. now it is always coming failed even after the connection is present. I have no problems on windows. i then try to connect using network configuration.


what must i do?

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Try this if you haven't already:

1) Shutdown computer

2) Unplug the cable modem's power chord from the wall

3) Plug the modem back in

4) Wait for modem to start up ( approx 30 seconds)

5) Turn computer back on


Dunno if it'll help, but it has worked for me twice.



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I have tried the above but still no luck.

i have no problem in accessing the internet on the desktop. On the laptop, i have tried everrything but initially this was not the case.


the ethernet details is as below.

Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI E xpress Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01)

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