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Newer MySQL wanted

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After attempting to piecemeal-upgrade a FC4 boxen to FC7 (successfully with a works machine, and unsuccessfully with my home server) I tried the same with my Mandrake9.1 server, using an article I read (haven't got the link to hand, but essentially it's a case of updating the urmpi config files then running "urpmi --auto-select" and letting it chug away.)


So, after a slight faf around with some circular dependencies, I appear to be on Manrape10.0 although my kernal version (and /etc/issue) still claim to be unchanged. However, although *some* packages updated (perl, python, apache etc) some others remained at their normal level - one being MySQL.


If this was Fedora, I could just run "yum update MySQL" and let it sort out the newer version. How do I do this in Mandrake? Also, is there an option for "update a specific package" using urpmi?


I'm getting to dislike urpmi, but only (a) I'm more used to yum (B) I'm unfamiliar with urpmi, and © finding sources for Mandrake seems much harder than yum repos, althugh that could just be to do with the version of Mandrake I have.

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