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Use Evolution to access my Verizon E-mail account?

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Help. I need to set up Evolution to access the POP3 servers at Verizon.net, but don't know how to set it up. I can't access the account via the web (or don't think I can) since I don't think verizon has a web access server. Anyway, I'd like to access my e-mail, which until recently I got in Outlook (UGH. Microsnot broke, and I DON'T want to go back). Anyone help me with this? I'm running Ubuntu 9.04, and have full root privileges.



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Assuming Evolution isn't configured already (i.e. you get the Setup Assistant come up when you start it), you'll need to follow these steps:


Click Next on the first screen.


On the Identity screen, enter the name you want people to see your email as being 'From' in the Full Name box. Type your Verizon email address in the email address box and you can leave the other two fields blank. Click Next.




On the Receving Email screen, choose POP under Server Type. In the Server box, enter incoming.verizon.net. In the Username field, enter your Verizon Online username. You may wish to tick Remember password if you want it to (it asks you for the password later). Leave all other settings as they are and go to the Next screen.




On the Receving Options page, you can set the frequency of how often you want Evolution to check, but you can leave this all as it is if you like. Again, go Next.


At Sending Email, leave Server Type as SMTP and enter outgoing.verizon.net in the Server box. Leave Server requires authentication ticked. Enter the same Verizon Online username in the Username box, but leave all the other Authentication settings as they are. Again, choose Remember password if desired.




On Account Management, pick a name for the email account (whatever you like really). Click Next. On Timezone, pick your timezone and then click Next again before clicking Apply.


I don't use the ISP myself, so I haven't absolutely verified this, but this should work based on what I would do to configure this and the server settings found at this Verizon help page.


Assuming you chose to Remember Password, when you click Apply, you should be asked for your Verizon Online password. You'll also be asked for your password the first time you send email. After that it should just work.

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